Home Remodeling Baton Rouge

exterior paintingWonder why home remodeling is on the rise? Baton Rouge has seem some very turbulent times over the past few months. One of those events was the unprecedented flood that destroyed thousands of homers. Many people were left struggling trying to figure out where to start and who to trust. To make matters worse some contractors whether intentional or not, accepted contracts and accepted monetary deposits from people in need of restoring their homes. Many of these contractors over obligated themselves and were not able to satisfy all of the contracts they accepted. Now people after spending thousands on shotty work or no work whatsoever are forced to find a credible contractor who can actually get the job done.

Home Remodeling The Marquez Way

We here at Marquez Construction truly understand the urgency of repairing your home and getting back to normal life. Federico Marquez the owner of Marquez Construction also lost his home in the flood and is dealing with the exact same issues with insurance companies and elevation concerns. Marquez Construction has a proven system for home remodeling and complete renovations. We begin by sending a team to perform drywall installation. We can usually drywall an entire home in just one day. The next step is our tape and float crew. This team usually spends two days taping and floating. The remaining steps are determined by the home itself. Marquez Construction LLC keeps the same team of guys working on the same task. Our drywall guys only hang drywall. They hang drywall everyday. Our tape and float team is a completely different group of guys that only focuses on taping and floating. By keeping the same people working on the same tasks they become experts at that specific task. This method of remodeling homes is perfect for the amount of work currently in Baton Rouge. We are able to handle a much larger work load by performing task in this assembly style.