Home Elevation Services

Home Elevation Services

The Great Flood of August 2016 devastated many homes in Louisiana. many areas are now requiring that before you renovate your flooded home, that the home is elevated to a height determined by your local municipality. To assist you with the monetary burden of raising your home, there are grants in place by FEMA and HMGP. Marquez Construction has knowledgeable staff members to help you through this application process. Once approved for one of these grants or other funding is in place, Marquez Construction can help you elevate your home. There are several methods we can use to raise your home. The best method will depend on your home and your current foundation. In most cases we are able to use a method called Monolithic Slab Elevation. This technique is used if your slab and footings are poured together. In this case we will tunnel under your structure and drive pilings exposing the footings or grade beams. We then push on the footings or grade beams to elevate your home.

Flood House Raising

Marquez Construction is located in Baton Rouge. We were here before the flood and we will be here long after the flood. Our own office was flooded and our owner Freddy Marquez also experienced flooding in his own home. We are empathetic to the victims of the flood and have a sincere desire to help where we can. If you are not completely certain whether you need to elevate your home and would like to be 100% sure before you begin the renovation process, give us a call and we can help you or point you to the right resources. In addition to house raising we also offer:

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Marquez Construction LLC is a locally owned and operated company. We hold state issued licenses for both residential and commercial work. We are insured and bonded. When you call Marquez Construction you can rest assured that you are calling a company that will do exactly what we say. Call us today for a free estimate.