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flooringFor more than twenty years, Marquez Construction has been installing quality flooring. The time committed to the industry has allowed us to build a strong knowledge of many types of floors with many applications. We can install ceramic tile, porcelain, laminate, wood , brick veneer and even epoxy. We hold both residential and commercial licenses in the state of Louisiana and travel a 60 mile distance from our office located at 16720 Tiger Bend Rd. Call us first for the best price and top quality in all flooring installation.

Tile Flooring Installation

Ceramic tile is an excellent choice for flooring. Tile is beautiful comes in many options and is very durable. In addition to tile options there are many pattern styles that tile can be installed. You may choose a straight line installation or a staggered look. You may also choose to dress up the look by combining other tiles of different colors and or patterns. Call Marquez Construction today for a free estimate.

Solid Hardwood

Although solid hardwood floors are beautiful there is a down side to using solid hardwood here in Louisiana. Solid hardwood floors are a single, solid piece of wood that features tongue and groove sides for easy installation. Solid wood floors are quite prone to absorbing moisture. For this reason, they are not recommended for applications where moisture is prevalent.

Pre-finished Solid Hardwood

Pre-finished hardwood flooring is manufactured to be installed in your home as soon as it is delivered. When this floor option arrives at your home it has already been sanded and stained at the factory. The wood is stained with a polyurethane to help protect the floor from moisture. Pre-finished solid hardwood is a much better choice in areas prone to wetness. Another benefit is this choice comes in many colors to meet your lifestyle needs.

Engineered Hardwood

Another good choice for our Louisiana weather is engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood floors are usually fabricated by using as many as 5 or 6 thin layers of wood that are laminated to create a single flooring plank. This process makes the floor plank resistant to expansion or contraction that can occur when wet.