Flood Renovation

Baton Rouge Flood Renovation

flood renovationThe quiet yet devastating flood of 2016 has affected thousands of families in Louisiana. And although some families had flood insurance and or help from FEMA, many families received no help and are left to face the flood renovation process alone. These are truly rough times and to make matters worse many contractors are feeding of off the suffering in order to profit from this devastating situation. When hiring a contractor for your flood renovation tasks please take time to do your due diligence and research the company before you sign any paperwork and or give them a deposit. The state of Louisiana provides an excellent source to verify whether a contractor is licensed. Click here to utilize this resource. You can also search the company name on Google to read reviews posted by prior customers. Marquez Construction is a verified contractor on Home Advisor and at the date this article was written we had a 4.5 rating out of a possible 5. Click Here to read our reviews.

Timing Makes For A Perfect Flood Renovation

Another strong factor to identify when choosing a contractor is the time frame in which the project will be complete. The contractor you choose may start immediately but the amount of homes they undertake simultaneously and the amount of man power they have will determine if they are capable of working on your home on a daily basis until completion. Marquez Construction LLC has over 120 men with groups who specialize in a specific task. When Marquez Construction sends drywall workers for example, we send an entire group of guys who can drywall approximately 2000 square feet in one day. Our assembly line process makes it easy to track the progress on your home and allows us to schedule teams in a manner that will meet or exceed our deadlines.

The Marquez Construction Difference

When it comes to flood renovation you need a contractor that understands the process from start to finish. When Marquez Construction delivers an estimate it is always accompanied by a copy of our license, proof of insurance, proof of workers comp and a list of local and recent references who also flooded and their homes have already been put back together. When looking for the right contractor for your flood renovation needs call Marquez Construction first, you will be glad with your decision.