Cabinet Installation

Cabinet Installation | Baton Rouge Cabinet Installation

cabinet installationMarquez Construction can handle all of your cabinet installation needs. We understand that the kitchen is the most used room in any house. we also understand that the cabinets in the kitchen are the most functional component of the kitchen. People love good cabinets. And for good reason. Your cabinets whether in the bathrooms or kitchen is the single most used organizational tool to keep all your kitchen necessities within reach. There is however a huge difference in cabinets.

Stock Cabinet Installation

Stock cabinets are factory built, packaged and warehoused. Stock cabinets come in standard sizes. The standard sizes are based on multiples of the number 3. Cabinet widths start at 9″ and run up to 48″ in 3″ increments. Some stock cabinet companies will produce half-sized cabinets. There are also standard height dimensions for base, wall, vanity and tall cabinets. Stock cabinets are going to be your least expensive cabinets. They are also readily available. You can pick up today and install tomorrow.

Semi Custom Cabinets

With Semi-custom cabinets you have many more cabinet options. These cabinets come in all of the same sizes as the stock cabinets in addition to many other sizes as well. Semi custom cabinet companies will also give you a variety of modifications that you can make to the cabinets. You can choose various door options and trim options. Semi custom cabinets are usually finished at the factory. These cabinets are more expensive then stock cabinets. They look better and will last longer.

Custom Cabinet Installation

The word custom really describes these cabinets. Custom cabinets are designed , built and normally installed by the cabinet builder. Marquez Construction has one of the best cabinet makers on staff. With our custom cabinets the sky is the limit. We can create your cabinets to your specifications. Every aspect can be designed to meet your needs. Our custom cabinets never contain any particle board and even the bottom wood is 1/2 thick. We build our custom cabinets to last. When looking for the right cabinet installation company, look no further than Marquez Construction. Your local trusted source.